Why Are You Attracting Candidates You Don’t Want?

Are you frustrated with the mismatch between your hiring expectations and the candidates you’re attracting? Do you believe you’re communicating your needs clearly, only to pull in applications that don’t match those needs – while candidates who can fulfill them slip through the cracks? In this post, we delve into the common pitfalls that lead to attracting the wrong talent in law firms and legal departments.

Sharing Job Openings in the Wrong Spaces

Your ideal candidates need to know your job opening exists before they can apply. If you’re not sharing information in the places these candidates look, the two of you will never connect. If your current outlets are only turning up poor fits, reassess where you’re releasing your job openings. A recruiter can help you ensure you’re reaching out to the right people. Recruiters like Avata Partners specialize in building relationships with the professionals and industries they serve. When a job opening comes in, your recruiter will know exactly who needs to see it – and how to ensure they hear about the opportunity.

Releasing Vague or Incomplete Job Descriptions

Writing a job description can be challenging. You need to be sufficiently broad to cover all the potential demands of the job, yet also sufficiently specific to ensure that applicants only respond if they are truly a good match. Job descriptions that are too vague can lead applicants to misunderstand the job’s demands, applying because they believe they’ll be a good fit when they won’t. Talk to those who already fill the role and refine your job description to closely match what these professionals do from day to day. You can also work with a recruiter to gain perspective on what top candidates expect to see, so you can write a job description that speaks to them.

Staying Silent on Your Ideal Candidate

Dating profiles that outline a person’s perfect date can be tiresome. But in the hiring world, describing your ideal candidate has the opposite effect. Applicants who see themselves in your ideal candidate description are more likely to apply – and those who don’t are more likely to step away, knowing they’re unlikely to make it to an interview round. Use your job description to talk about the types of candidates you’re looking for. If you have a star player in a similar role, use their skills and accomplishments to help you describe your ideal candidates.

Skipping an Analysis for Cultural Fit

Finally, even candidates with all the right skills on paper may be a poor fit for the firm in practice. Tailor your job postings to communicate your organization’s cultures and values. Revisit these in interviews to ensure you and the candidate are on the same page regarding fit.

The people you need are out there. For help hiring legal talent that fits your open positions, get in touch with Avata Partners today!