Time Management Tips for the Busy Holiday Season

As the holiday season approaches, legal professionals face the challenge of balancing work and personal life amid numerous commitments. Managing time becomes essential – yet it feels as if you have less time to manage than ever.

Here, we explore some actionable time management strategies for the busy holiday season. Use these tips to help you meet essential deadlines while maintaining a healthy work-life balance during this busy time of year. 

Don’t just plan your holidays – plan the entire month.

If it feels like December has fewer days than normal months, that’s because, for many of us, it does. Fewer days in school for students mean more days that parents must find childcare or plan to stay home. Holidays, both federal and planned vacations, mean fewer days on the job. Push back by planning your entire month, not merely your holidays. Know when you’ll get essential tasks done each day. 

Pare your work down to its essentials.

Fewer work days and more to do make prioritizing a must. For December, pare your work down to its essentials – court deadlines and other can’t-miss moments. Schedule these first, providing leeway for potential pitfalls, so that you’re meeting the biggest challenges. 

Include others in the planning and work process.

With everyone around you also dealing with holidays, December can feel like the worst month to ask for help. In fact, it’s an ideal time to share the load with others. Find people in your personal and professional circles who can help you share tasks or trade tasks with you. Consider paring down your holiday to-do list as well – a few special moments will mean more than trying to create “the perfect holiday” with all the trimmings. 

Rely on your habits and work to build new ones.

Habits have a powerful impact on our well-being and productivity. When healthy behaviors are habitual, they eliminate the need for decision-making, saving us valuable mental energy while also steering us toward better performance. Rely on the healthy habits you already have, and find ways to turn additional healthy behaviors into “autopilot” habit settings. 

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