Three Thoughtful Leadership Resolutions to Adopt This New Year

As your legal organization prepares to enter 2024, it’s important to consider your approach to team dynamics and performance. Positioning your team for success can help your organization tackle challenges and seize opportunities in the coming year. 

In this blog post, we look at three impactful leadership resolutions that can improve how your team heads into the coming year. Add these to your New Year’s resolutions to help your team outdo itself in 2024.

Invest in your team’s continued learning and development.

In 2024, resolve to build your team’s skills by investing in their continued learning and development. Provide access to learning resources, fund trips to conferences or class enrollment, host roundtable events, and use similar tools to make it easier for your teams to expand and refine their skills. 

Rapid skill turnover affects every industry, including law. Stay ahead of the curve and boost retention by investing in your team’s skills so they can stay on top of a rapidly changing world.

Build an environment of psychological safety.

“Psychological safety” refers to your team members’ sense that they can share concerns, raise difficult subjects, or make mistakes without fear of reprisal, disparagement, or career-ending consequences. Without a sense of psychological safety, team members are less likely to bring up small issues – which makes small issues more likely to turn into big ones. 

Bolster this sense on your team by holding space for people to share issues and concerns and communicating how you will address each one. Follow up with what you achieved and how it should help the team. 

Outsource expertise where needed to make work more efficient.

Not all tasks need to be done by you – or your team. When you outsource specialist topics, you free your team to focus on what they do best. When you outsource the work of sifting through applications and contacting references, you free yourself to focus on your team’s needs – and to approach interviewing with a fresh mind. 

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