Three No-Brainer Reasons You Should Use a Recruiting Firm to Find Your Top Legal Talent


Finding top legal talent isn’t always easy. One way to make it easier is to team up with an expert recruiter.

In this blog post, we’ll walk through the top three reasons hiring managers should work directly with a recruiting firm to find the top legal talent they’re looking for.

You’re an expert in your practice area. Recruiters are experts in finding talent.

Law firm partners, associates, paralegals, and administrative staff are all experts on the day-to-day aspects of their work. Hiring, however, is not a day-to-day demand in legal practice or in running a law firm. To identify top candidates and hire new talent, you must step outside your professional zone – and accept the learning curve that results.

Recruiters, however, are already experts in finding top talent. Your recruiter can focus on finding qualified candidates, while you focus on the work your clients and firm need.

Your recruiter knows what talent needs to succeed and grow.

When law firms hire new talent, they often have a specific, present need in mind. Yet the ability to do a present job well doesn’t automatically guarantee the new hire can grow with a role or adapt to changing conditions in the future.

Recruiters know which skill sets match current needs and which skill sets prepare new hires for lifelong career growth. Your recruiter can seek talent that offers both, so you can make a new hire with confidence this person will be able to grow with your practice.

Working with a recruiter frees you up to do what you do best.

Hiring is a skill set all its own. You can spend time cramming to learn this skill set – or you can continue to develop your abilities in your practice area or professional domain while your recruiter tackles hiring for you.

Recruiters can handle tasks like reviewing resumes and calling references, so that you can focus on your firm and its clients. When you’re ready to interview, your recruiter can provide pre-screened contacts with qualified and interested candidates.


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