Strategies for Faster Time to Hire in the Legal Sector

In a competitive legal job market, speeding up the hiring process is crucial. Here, we examine innovative strategies and tools to streamline your recruitment pipeline, reduce the time to hire top legal talent, and boost quality and compliance. 

Bring your ATS into the present.

Many law firms and legal departments still rely on applicant tracking systems (ATS) they installed years or even decades ago. While these early ATS designs were an improvement over paper-based systems, their ability to track and manage applications was often limited.

Today’s ATS software includes options for automating a number of tasks – both for you and for applicants. State-of-the-art ATS offers more intelligent keyword search and matching abilities, allowing you to better identify applications that may fit your organization’s needs. These systems are often more user-friendly as well, keeping applicants engaged with a sense that you respect their time and effort.

Focus your job postings and recruitment tools on the skills you need.

If you spend too much time wading through resumes and interviews that aren’t quite the right fit, it may be time to review your job postings and employment branding. 

Applicants apply when they see themselves in the job posting or employment brand materials. These materials thus attract those with whom they resonate. If they’re attracting applicants who aren’t the right fit, they’re probably speaking to those applicants – and missing candidates who do meet your organization’s needs. 

Launch into 2024 by reviewing and updating job postings and employment brand materials to reach your ideal candidates – and save time in hiring. 

Work with a recruiting expert in the legal field.

Every law firm partner and legal department manager has a full plate of tasks. Adding tasks like resume review, calling references, or checking educational credentials can feel burdensome. 

To solve this problem, work with an expert recruiter in the legal field. Recruiters like the team at Avata Partners can tackle these tasks, presenting you with candidates who offer a good fit for your needs. 

Want to improve time to hire without sacrificing quality talent? Get in touch with our team of legal staffing experts at Avata Partners today.