Leveling Up in 2024: Proving You Deserve a Promotion

The new year is a popular time to set new personal and professional goals. As you take stock of your career, think about how to strategically position yourself for a well-deserved promotion in 2024. 

In this blog post, we cover actionable tips to showcase your skills, take on more leadership responsibilities, and effectively communicate your contributions so that you stand out as the natural choice for advancement in your legal career.

Update your public-facing profiles and pages.

Showcase your skills by updating your LinkedIn profile, legal organization bio page, and other public-facing social media pages. Reach out to members of your organization’s IT team as needed for assistance. 

To update these pages, begin by taking stock of 2023. What did you do? What tasks did you accomplish? Where did you contribute to a larger project, and what did you complete individually to make that happen? Include these achievements in your updates. 

Identify your strengths and pursue them.

First, think through your strengths and preferences. What work do you most enjoy doing? Which topics fascinate you? What project from 2023 do you wish you could have learned more about? Strengths and interests often go hand in hand – if you’re interested in something, the easier it is to put in the effort to become good at it. 

Once you know what you’re good at and what you want to know more about, look for opportunities to spend time on these topics and tasks. Talk to team members and your supervisor about joining projects that focus on these areas. Let people know this is the kind of work you’re looking for. 

Share your contributions and efforts (without bragging).

Finally, save your list of accomplishments in 2023 and your list of strengths and interests. Bring these into your annual performance review. During your review, discuss them with your supervisor. Work together with your supervisor to set up a plan to move you toward a promotion in 2024.

Also, review your lists yourself from time to time for a reminder of where you’ve been and where you want to go next. These lists can also form a foundation for updating your resume or considering a new position or promotion.


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