Finding Your First Attorney Position

So you’ve recently graduated from law school and passed the bar exam? Congratulations! Years of hard work and dedication have paid off in the form of your law degree and legal license. But what will you do with the credentials you’ve worked so hard to acquire?

You have a wealth of options available when it comes to finding your first position as an attorney – but not all options are created equal. Here’s how to weigh the pros and cons of various job search tactics.


PROS: You already have personal and professional connections with co-workers, supervisors, professors, and others who can help you find a job.

CONS: Networking can feel daunting. While your personal and professional connections may want to help, they may not have any information to provide you. You may feel as if you’re taking advantage of a relationship and wonder when you’ll ever be able to repay the help.

Combing Job Boards

PROS: Job boards are easier than ever to find online. You can scroll through job boards in your free time. Mobile job searching makes it possible to look for work even while you’re waiting at the dentist’s office or in line at the supermarket.

CONS: Job boards are everywhere. You may find yourself drowning in options – none of which are actually the right option for you. Meanwhile, the best options may slip through your fingers.

Connecting With a Recruiter

PROS: Recruiters specialize in connecting each job-seeker with the law firm and position that fits that person’s goals and work style. Recruiters can answer your questions and target their search, so you’re not wasting time on job boards or trying the patience of your professional connections.

CONS: The longer you wait, the more likely it is that a recruiter will help your classmates connect to their dream jobs – while you scroll job boards or play phone tag with a former professor.

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