Ensuring Adequate Coverage During Summer Out of Office Upticks

During the summer months, it’s common to see an increase in out-of-office (OOO) messages. While your staff needs their summer rest and rejuvenation, it’s also essential to ensure that work is covered so the business runs efficiently as well. Here’s how to ensure you have the coverage you need this summer to keep your business running smoothly:

Work with a recruiting partner.

Recruiters specialize in helping their clients address changes in workflow versus staff coverage – including the disruptions caused by summer’s OOO season. A staffing partner offers access to flexible talent, including temporary workers to handle rush periods and specialists to address projects for which your team lacks in-house expertise. If you’re looking for new full-time hires, your staffing partner can pre-screen candidates, making the hiring process more effective and efficient.

Consider your end-of-year needs.

In the middle of summer, you’re busy coordinating vacation schedules and considering how to cover key tasks when equally key staff members are out of the office. In six months, however, everyone’s attention will turn to end-of-year considerations – and hiring may well be one of them.

Solve both challenges at once with temp-to-hire talent. These workers can cover your needs now and be ready to go if the end of the year demands a new full-time team member. Your recruiter can connect you to top temp-to-hire candidates.

Stagger vacation schedules so someone is always available.

Many medical offices keep physicians “on call” for sudden emergencies. In a law firm or legal department, staggering vacation schedules can ensure someone is always in the office to cover essential or emergency tasks, even when another person is out.

To create a staggered vacation schedule, generate buy-in among team members by explaining the issue as a common problem. Note that staggering the schedule gives everyone access to needed vacation time while preserving the business and work that fills their career.

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